Come on board with us

In addition to “Mediterranei“, welcome on board to another type of supporters of the expedition, shipping in some times of the year and along some specific routes: “Mediterranea’s Friends“, people who want to join the trip for a while only, come on board and be part of the expedition for a limited period, however, part of the large group.

Given the nature of the trip, which takes place in the 29 countries of the Mediterranean macro-area (including the Black Sea, Red Sea and northern Portugal), along all the months of the year for about five years, there will be the possibility to come on board for weeks.
All the money of supporters help Mediterranea Project to go ahead, being useful to carry out its nautical, cultural and scientific programs.

We look forward to triggering a dialogue that will help each other to understand otivations and harmony essential to share life on board and the aims of the expedition.

We are many, we are on the sea, and Mediterranea is a special boat, it is therefore necessary to share a lot before moving on.

If you want to reach us, therefore, contact us: INFO(AT)PROGETTOMEDITERRANEA.COM

Or use following contact form: