The crew: “Medierranei”

In the largest ports in the XVI century, merchants often went for a walk every day on the docks with the careful eye to the ships, looking on the decks, watching the deck gear, asking for information. It happened that, after wandering, they approached a sailing ship that would have set out shortly thereafter. They talked to some busy sailors, they asked who was the boatswain, they finally asked for the commander. It was not unusual for the commander that they invited him to drink a glass of wine in the tavern at the port, inquiring with him in detail about the trip that he was about to undertake. “A commercial trip , hmm … well, where are you leaving for? which is the crew? along which routes, how long will be the journey?” they asked. And so on. At the end of the conversation, after realizing who was the commander, the man, his life and his nautical experience, it could happen that the merchant made his offer: “I take ten karats of the expedition.” Quickly, the deal was signed, a signature and a handshake in front of a guarantor. It meant that the merchant financed the expedition because he believed, because he hoped for a return: his money plus a portion of the earnings coming from the expedition. Of course, at his own risk: was that commander really capable as they said? Would that ship have come back? Was he investing his money well? Who could know…

Mediterranea Project is not a commercial expedition and it doesn’t operate traditional chartering activities, it does not aim for any particular economic return except for covering its costs. However, it is organized in a similar way to those vessels of the VXI century. This expedition has goals, a boat, a route, aiming at reaching cultural, nautical, scientific, human relations objectives.

A group of people red, understood, asked for information, and they decided to be part of the expedition, financially supporting the trip, participating in many different ways through collaboration, working together in the organization and coming aboard when it’s possible.

In this way, the small group of founders has become a large group of people, dozens of journey and sea lovers, all engaged and involved, which not by chance are called “Mediterranei”. This group supports the expedition, it is an integral part of it, collaborate in the project development, and some of them make up the Committee of Rais, who drives the boat throughout the trip.

No one will receive money in return for the given support, but everyone will collaborate to create, for himself and for others, a return far more rich and important, as well as much less “uncertain”: the expedition itself, rich of adventure, discovery, relationships, emotions, information and experiences. Life.


Here they are. Mediterranei:

Simone Perotti – Simone Perotti – Writer and sailor, among the founders of the Mediterranean Project. “I have been sailing for decades, and for over twelve years I have been trying the way to freedom. I had the first idea od Progetto Mediterranea because sea and freedom are the most powerful suggestion I know. And then because of the Mediterranean, so fascinating and rich, we all must stop talking: we have to do navigate it, live it. Together.



franciFrancesca  R. Piro – Physician and sommelier, among the founders of Mediterranea Project. “On the sea, that found and fascinated me, I recognized my human dimension. Here I am, because I want to live and act.” ‘The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity’ (Amelia Earhart).




39441435 10217270905473482 1060675674492108800 nFilippo Mennuni –  In my navigations around the world I had the good luck to sail the waters of every sea and ocean, spinning the anchor in wonderful archipelagos or visiting incredible countries, meeting very interesting people and listening to stories of other times … I decided to share my experience with those who, like me, go by sea for love and passion.




gianfrancoGianfranco Brunelli – “… Because knowing that somewhere, in the Mediterranean Sea, there’s a boat with friends waiting for you… is great”.



cristinaCristina Rubagotti – ‘If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea’ ( Antoine de Saint-Exupery). “Sea, ancient stories, slow time and shared passion: that’s why Mediterranea is my journey.”




giuseppeGiuseppe Amato – Father of three twins. “Sailing with Simone Perotti is one of a kind experience…When I left them they had been staying on the boat Mediterranea for 70 days continuously and, except for some ailments due to the efforts required by the management of such a big boat (almost 18 metres long), their eyes were dreamers’ eyes.”


manuTManuela Tinti – A doughter, two cats. “I love the islands and the sea, the people, the journey. I love to listen, smile, talk and share. And The Mediterranean is a large island with a lot of land around it, to sail and walk together with you, my friends.’…who tied a sail to the mast and combined the route and the drift, who rowed standing up with long woods: they know that the waters have faces. And over the faces emerge squalls, calms, currents and jumping fish who dream to fly’ (Faces-Erri De Luca).”



armelixCinzia Armelisasso – Physician, volunteer in the association “Sulla strada onlus“. “I have many passions in my life. One of these is the sea. In the sea there is the joy that feeds my hope and desire to always explore new paths. For this reason Mediterranea does for me and for my thirst for joy of life.”




Paolo BeltramiPaolo Beltrami – “Passion for challenging myself, trespassed by history, I decided to go back in the game to write again my story, with the Mediterranean sea as the stage.”




MassimoMassimo Guidetti – “The idea of a man and a team project, the passion for the sea and the dream for a life sharing a journey. A boat and its crew, people sailing in a sea made of places, colours, gazes, words, emotions…life!”




ivanaIvana Boris – “It’s only with the heart that you can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye’ (The Little Prince). The Mediterranean sea and Mediterranea. This, for me, is the spirit of the adventure, and I’m delighted to be part of it.”



MEDITERRANEO NACINOVICHFrancesco Nacinovich – “The Mediterranean preserves the history of its people. The laughter and the tears of those who had been enchanted by its waters long before us. Paraphrasing Borges, the Mediterranean is an ancient idiom, and I set the sails to listen, away from the hustle  of the mainland, hoping to understand it. For the next 5years the sea will be my country, Mediterranea will be my home.”


AlessaAle Mediterraneandra Mieli – Last known job: Journalist. Mediterranea because ‘The act of journeying contributes towards a sense of physical and mental well-being, while the monotony of prolonged settlement or regular work weaves patterns in the brain that engender fatigue and a sense of personal inadequacy’ (Bruce Chatwin).


LuisatomasiLuisa Tomasi – “I love sea, wind and water! ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover’ (Mark Twain). I hope the journey could be the navigation, the wind could be so good to drive us where we want to go, the sea could be rough, just enough to be happy not scary, the places where we’ll stop could be full of positive energy and the ports could welcome our body and our soul.”



LauraLaura Gensini – “I have always studied art history, but ‘there is nothing that has shaped me, fulfilled me, taught me – or built me – more than those stolen hours in the study, seemingly absent-minded, but deeply meditative in the subconscious worship of three or four indisputable divinities: the Sea, the Sky, the Sun. I unknowingly rediscovered wonder and primitive exaltation. I do not know of a book that could have the same value, or of an author who could create within us the same state of fruitful stupor, of contemplation and of communion that I had known…’ (Paul Valéry, Mediterranean Inspirations, 1933). When I see the sea now, I realize it has become the greatest source of inspiration in my life.”


AngeAngelitalita Pierro – “I’m a ‘bookseller-innkeeper’ with behind a road of continuous changes of direction, but still sufficiently idealistic and determined to chase another chance. The magic of the Sea with its elements, the Journey to research myself and a new relationship with others, a new sense of time. Mediterranea, for me, is all this and so much more. It’s energy coming from a shared dream of change, that becomes reality. ‘The fate shuffles the cards, but we play them’ (Bernard Moitissier).”



Luca Gatti MEDITERRANEOLuca Gatti – “To feel the sensation that we could possess only when both the feet leave the dock.”





AleRicciAlessandra Ricci – “Love for the sea and travel, among the eyes, smiles, words, actions of people living their passions and fostering their dreams.”




ruggeroRuggero Todesco – “I’m a very lucky man, blessed by life, but nevertheless searching for new experiences to share with my “new old friends” of Mediterranea. I’m 58 and I have 7 sons, but these are only details…”




IMG 20140815 201139Teresa Ferrara – Physician. “Mediterranean Sea to live, finally! Water, light, air, earth: essential, powerful and dynamic elements, like the feelings and relationships that they weave together. An ancient yet modern form of well-being. A culture of travel, of changes and of knowledge that evolves and costantly renewes itself.”




Marco BaghinMarco Baghin – “I’m a ‘son’ of Venice, the maritime Republic. The sea in our culture has always been a great opportunity to satisfy our ambitions and curiosities, to fulfill the desire of adventures in remote worlds. I got in touch with sailing only late in my life, but its ancestral moves and habits appeared immediately very close to my person, simple and natural. In other words, they looked familiar. The sea makes man horizons infinite and only asks respect and the bravery to go.


Marzia MatteiMarzia Mattei – If you do not become the ocean, you’ll get seasick every day.






36747 1499383689945 7542615 n 1Michela Lippolis – “Sailing, sailing away like one’s soul sails even before seeing the light of day” (F. Guccini) A journey of comparison, understanding and acceptance. Necessary at a time when the world seems to go in the opposite direction.



Thailand - 027Giuliana Crimella – I come from Mediterranean, which is not South or North, nor East nor West. It’s the liquid belly between Asia, Africa and Europe. If one was born on one of its edges, ha has in the blood an archipelago of peoples. We have received from the Mediterranean the civilization voices: vocabularies, arts, genio, foods, drinks, religions, hydraulic, laws and methods to scan the horizon of the stars. (Erri De Luca)





TanzaniaTiziano Paniz – From the mountains to the sea … with happy.







Nunzia Siragusa – Hello, I’m Nunzia, I was born in Rome 49 years ago. I’m a veterinarian by passion. I like to solve problems and try to overcome difficulties, build something, sit back and think. I like travelling, taking pictures, swimming, cooking, cleaning, reading. I like listening more than talking. I like floating on the sea making me carry by the wind. I like doing things with others and for others. I don’t like sleeping, I’m out of tune, I’m a vegetarian but I don’t exclude eggs and cheese from my diet. I don’t get tired easily.I chose Progetto Mediterranea because I think I have found all the things I like to do and the opportunity to discover new ones while sharing life’s time with others members.


DSC 0225Emilia Cevasco – I’ m trying to be a free person. I’m a dreamer. I love the sea, the open spaces, the distant horizons, I especially love freedom and I believe in humanity.I believe in a new dialogue between Mediterrnean people. That’s why I’m here!




unnamedStefania Nardini – Journalist and writer. “There is truth only in the eternity of the sea”





DodoDominique Donatella Neubert, called DoDo – Hi, I am Donatella Dominique Neubert, but everybody calls me Dodo. I am born in Paris from a Berliner father and a Venetian mother. Since 50 years I live in Rome. Divorced with two grown-up children, since 9 years I am also Greek, thanks to my partner. Sailing and the sea have always been part of our family life. At two years my father took me by boat, and I never went down.The Mediterranean and in particular the Aegean sea are my world. The Mediterranean Project captured me and confirmed to me that despite my variegated roots, I belong profoundly to this Mare Nostrum. I like everything about our sea, history, geography, people, food and I always feel at home. But I do not like what is happening to the Mediterranean and its people. Participating, even if late due to a somewhat chaotic family situation, was a real dream. Now I’m happy to be here. Glad to meet you. My motto, coined at about 3 years, is “jamais Dodo ne diras Zut, toujours Merde” said in English, “Dodo will never say “Zut” (in French it is equivalent to say “damn!”) but always “Shit”.


CRICristina Di Mascio – I’m here because … “The journey not only opens the mind, it gives shape to it” (Bruce Chatwin)





laura 1Laura Giusti – … because I found myself… in the eyes, in the smiles, in the energies by sharing, comparing and searching. The sea, the waves, the smell of saltiness, the wind on the skin, the moon and the stars… The Nature is Freedom, an unique ‘Universe’ we are part of and it is The Essence. I love this world since years, it’s me! I love sailing and sailing boats as you always create a special relationship with them by testing the ability to navigate, to make decisions, to forecast the meteorological phenomena, to measure the human limit in front of this wonderful Immense. It is vain cheating ourselves behind ‘scaffolding’ just to believe that we are seriously LIVING… First of all honesty and self-awareness, forgiveness and gratitude with ourselves and other people for growth and Soul evolvement… it is a Journey… What ‘s the Course? Follow the second star on the right and then straight until the morning. Soul, I’m chasing that star with frequencies of love… Thank you!



IMG 4469Barbara Rizzato – If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together [African proverb]. The storm that I lived inside me calmed down once I got on board. “Do you know what does mean saling crossing the Aegean sea? You’ll feel the seasickness all the time” somebody has told me. The saling trip instead – 290 miles from Zakynthos to Marzamemi – was my salvation. The Mediterranei, my angels. The Mediterranean sea, my cradle. Sharing enriches me and I can only share with others what I have received and I receive as a gift every day.




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