Press releases

August, 31st 2015 – Parte oggi da Canakkale in Turchia, il progetto “L’Astrofisica su Mediterranea”, l’iniziativa dedicata agli studenti delle facoltà di Fisica italiane, condotta da Progetto Mediterranea, con il sostegno del CIFS – Consorzio Interuniversitario della Fisica Spaziale ed il patrocinio di INAF – Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica.


June, 5th 2015 – Progetto Mediterranea in Georgia. The cultural programme scheduled in Tbilisi in June. The expedition received the cultural patronage of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics.


April, 27th 2015 – Progetto Mediterranea: concluso il programma culturale ad Istanbul. Numerosi gli esponenti della comunità culturale turca intervistati da Simone Perotti. Mediterranea fa rotta sul Mar Nero.


April, 23th 2015 – Progetto Mediterranea thanks the Italian Navy and the Corps of Harbour Masters and Coast Guard for their heroic rescue operations of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and support their candidacy to the Nobel Peace Prize.

February, 24th 2015 – Progetto Mediterranea: Turkish writers and artists aboard the Italian expedition. The cultural programme scheduled in Istanbul in February and March. Today the press conference.


February, 2nd 2015 – Progetto Mediterranea: Outcomes of plankton mapping along the first part of the route published. The results are reassuring as no non-autochthonous or invasive species were identified. The Otranto Channel is a hot-spot of plankton biodiversity. In the Ionian sea microplastics are a cause for concern.


December, 3rd 2014 – Progetto Mediterranea: the sailing expedition arrives in Istanbul, after more than 6 months at sea, with meetings between science and culture. Traveled 2750 miles nautical and touched 20 ports in Italian, Greek and Turkish sea waters. Soon the calendar of cultural events planned for next spring.


August, 5th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: Greek writers and artists aboard the Italian expedition. The cultural programme scheduled for September in Athens.


July, 1st 2014 – Mediterranea Project: this Manifesto was released by the scientific, cultural, nautical expedition sailing across the Mediterranean on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.


June, 18th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: onboard experimentation of the “Sea-Conditions” system for sea and weather forecast which was developed under TESSA (Sviluppo di TEcnologie per la Situational Sea Awareness), an industrial research project supported by PON “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” programme of the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research


June, 4th 2014 – Occupy Meganissi – Today, June 4th 2014, at 12.00 Athens time zone, the sailing boat Mediterranea with a fleet of 20 boats of different nationalities are on mooring in a bay of the Greek island of Meganissi (Lat. 38°38’N – Long. 20°45’E) for a peaceful and symbolic demonstration against any property speculation to which this beautiful Ionian island would be subject according to international media.

May, 30th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: Scientific and cultural events sailing along the Apulian shore.
The writer Nicolò Carnimeo talks about “his” Mediterranean at Bari Sailing Club. On board Plastic Busters researchers started taking samples. In Otranto a scientific event with Professor Ferdinando Boero and the oceanographer Nadia Pinardi at Lega Navale involved CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change), Plastic Busters and Sahfos.


May, 23rd 2014 – Mediterranea Project: the boat “Mediterranea” reaches Bari on May 26th. On schedule a cultural event with the writer Nicolò Carnimeo and a meeting with FISPMED network onlus. Aboard the researchers of the “Plastic Busters” project to save the Mediterranean


May, 20th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: the expedition sets course to Tremiti islands. In a couple of days it will head southward to Apulia. Onboard researchers from the University of Siena will be carrying out the “Plastic Busters” project to save the Mediterranean


May, 17th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: today at 11.00 the expedition set sails. Course to Pescara with arrival at 17.20. Yesterday the first cultural event on board with Gianluca Solera. Tonight at the Yacht Club the first travel tales.


May, 15th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: the sailing, cultural, scientific expedition will officially start on May, 17th 2014 from the port of San Benedetto del Tronto.


May, 8th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: the British researchers of SAHFOS will be onboard to study the plankton. For nearly a third of the Mediterranean, this will be the first time. Mediterranea receives also the prestigious patronage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


April, 29th 2014 –  Mediterranea Project receives Italian President support. Coming soon, moreover, the first prize: “L’Albero d’Argento (The Silver tree) for the quality of the arts”. The calendar also includes the cultural meeting opening with the writer Gianluca Solera.


April, 10th 2014 – Mediterranea Project: the Italian cultural / scientific expedition will officially start on May, 17th 2014. A five-year long journey through Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea and the first co-sailing experiment in the world.