14265310364 3f905f477a cSaturday, October 12th  between 12:00 and 15:00 at the mooring in front of the GALATA – Museo del Mare, arrival of a “Mediterranean” boat, after 6 years of navigation throughout the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Portuguese, Spanish and Moroccan Atlantic sea, with dozens of interviews, experiments, cultural events and hundreds of people on board across 20 countries of our sea. Greetings and celebrations.

Sunday, October 13th from 10:00 to 12:30 at the GALATA Auditorium, inside the Museum, presentation of “Progetto Mediterranea”: open public meeting, with the protagonists of the expedition, stories, videos and guests. Free admission.


Greetings from Nicoletta Viziano president of Mu.MA – Museo del Mare.

Mediterranean Commanders’ interventions: Simone Perotti, writer, creator and co-founder of the Progetto Mediterranea, Francesco Nacinovich, Mediterraneo, Andrea Laghi, Mediterraneo and Filippo Mennuni, former commander of Adriatica and now in the command group of Progetto Mediterranea.

Among the invited guests: Ferruccio Sansa, writer and journalist; Fabio Pozzo, journalist; Silvana Vassilli, former Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens; Patrizio Nissirio, Director of AnsaMed; Gianluca Solera, writer and activist and Lisa Ariemma journalist and activist; Enrico Granara, Minister Plenipotentiary Euro-Mediterranean Activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Priscilla Licandro, marine biologist researcher, Paolo Ermani and Alessandro Ronca, technical sponsor PAEA and PER- Renewable Energy Park, and Valerio Allegro, technical sponsor Allegro Natura.

Awards ceremony for the winners of the 1st edition of the literary contest “Floating Voices” by the MAYDAN association in collaboration with Progetto Mediterranea: Paula Rodriguez Escribà, 1st prize for the Prose / North Coast with Beware of the seas which host no monsters, for neither they hold dreams; Ilham Zenid, 2nd place for the prose / South Coast with La Fiesta; Mohamed Hassan Yehya, 1st classified for Poetry / South Coast with My favorite language.

The Mediterranei, the Amici di Mediterranea and all those who have followed and supported the expedition will be present.

At the end, it will be possible to talk to the Mediterranea crew, aboard the boat, a 60-foot ketch cutter armed by Michel Bigoin and built in the French CNSOs in 1975, to follow the nautical laboratories organized by the GALATA – Museo del Mare and to listen to some excerpts from the winning works of the “Floating Voices” contest directly from the voice of Paula, Ilham and Mohammed, in the original language with translation.

We thank AIS – Italian Sommelier Association, Liguria delegation and Focacceria De Tommaso Placido of Genoa, for welcome wine and fügassa for the arrival of Mediterranea.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa – Delegation of Sport Events Events, and the Mu.MA – Institute of Sea and Migration Museums.