The “Plankton Mapping in the Mediterranean Sea” project began in 2014 with the departure of the Mediterranean journey. The project lacks funding and therefore proceeds to take advantage of the voluntary availability of Progetto Mediterranea expedition, the Mediterraneans and the marine biologist researcher who deals with the study of the samples. The first results have shown very interesting data about the distribution of plankton in the different mapped regions, but lately we have been able to see how much the small fragments of plastic that are trapped in the filter are increased when the plankton indicator is set up.

What has been observed so far is also in line with the most recent surveys made by dedicated scientific expeditions, which require the commitment of spending budgets far more important and greater resources.

To date, Progetto Mediterranea has mapped 3/4 of the Mediterranean and will complete the sampling and sampling program in 2019, with the last section of the route from Lisbon along the Maghreb up to Genoa. Then, we need to finish examining the large amount of samples made and currently still waiting to be studied. Material of enormous scientific value, both for quality – many of the samples come from Mediterranean areas never mapped – and for quantities – samples of plankton related to 5 years of navigation – whose study will make available to the entire scientific community worldwide data very important for the environment, the sea and nature.

HERE every information to know how to help us and to support the project “Mapping plancton in the Mediterranean”.