Rotta 2017 2 Sito

Progetto Mediterranea, three yrs from the departure from Italy, sailing in the Eastern sea. As scheduled, the boat Mediterranea, armed ketch in 60-foot cutter designed by Michel Bigoin, continues the route carrying out its three objectives: nautical, cultural and scientific. And for the summer, as every year, opens the door to his friends and supporters, Progetto Mediterranea is a co-sailing system, supported and done by 49 passionate people, Mediterranei, that alternate on board and carry out activities looking for what, first of all, is an experiment in social sharing: a different way of thinking about ownership, use, travel, cohabitation, discovery. Therefore beside the Mediterranei, at certain times, they may place alongside what we call the Amici di Mediterranea, all those who wish to share values ​​and experiences of the Progetto Mediterranea, if only for a portion of its route. In 2017, the time in which you can come on board from May to September

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Leave Tel Aviv, and then Israel, Lebanon and the cultural program of the Progetto Mediterranea, going back to Cyprus and then the Greek island of Kastellorizo, famous for being the set of the movie “Mediterraneo” by Salvatores, and even Rhodes. From Rhodes we will cross the Aegean from east to west through Asthipalea and Santorini, up to Kythira. Still a bit of Greece so this year. Still the Peloponnese and arrive in Zakynthos and from there across the Ionian Sea to return at last, after 3 years of navigation, in Italy, in Sicily, the center of the Mediterranean sea.We will sail along the south coast of Sicily among the Pelagie islands: Linosa, Lampedusa (island which first gave us his honorary patronage) and Pantelleria. And of course, Malta, Gozo, Comino, which will represent a short but intense pit-stop in this all Italian part of the Route. Last stage Egadi: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.