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The great Marseille writer Jean-Claude Izzo, in his fiction “Garlic, Mint and Basil”, identified in these three spices the final, REPRESENTATIVE, emblematic flavors of the Mediterranean. He looked at our world from Marseille, and therefore we can understand the reason for this choice.


But, which are the three flavors? which are the condiments and spices that the Mediterranean believe to be its own perfumes? Excluding food such as meat, fish, pasta, rice, bulgur, vegetables – the elements “to dress” – but including all other possible flavors, tastes, spices, scents, ingredients of our Mediterranean cuisine, which would indicate you?

From Genoa to Beirut, from Tunis to Trabzon, from Lisbon to Aqaba, from Trieste to Tripoli, in Cartagena, in Split, and Antalya … vote your three favorite spices of the Mediterranean. At the end of the long journey of Mediterranea we will know which they are, but also continuously we will follow the evolution of the survey and will keep you updated. Vote your three flavors of the Mediterranean!

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