Routes Isole Ionie e Cicladi plastica LAST grigio

Outcomes of plankton mapping along the first part of the route published. The results are reassuring as no non-autochthonous or invasive species were identified. The Otranto Channel is a hot-spot of plankton biodiversity. In the Ionian sea microplastics are a cause for concern.

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The analysis of samples gathered by Progetto Mediterranea in cooperation with British researchers from SAHFOS in June 2014 along the Otranto-Monemvasia route has enabled to conduct a census on plankton species in coastal water on the Eastern Ionian and Souther Aegean seas for the first time. Progetto Mediterranea has enabled to monitor plankton in an area where it had never been done before – said Priscilla Licandro from SAHFOS – “There is recent data on plankton in the Ionian sea but they are scattered and obtained from sampling further from the coast while we sampled the coastal area, which is more at risk”.

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Progetto Mediterranea recalled in the statement that it is raising funds to support over the next five years the campaign by SAHFOS to study plankton and its distribution in the Mediterranean sea, and information can be obtained by writing to