Here, the first 4 months of the journey of Progetto Mediterranea.
Every 4 months we will make a short movie. A mix of pictures, moments, words, things said, things are missing. It will be us, dozens of members of the group of the Mediterranei, along with the people that we met, the places, the lights. It will be our way to tell the expedition.
These first 4 months represent the trip from San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) to Athens. The next will cover the route we are doing in the northern Aegean sea to Istanbul. At the end, there will be many windows on a single building.
And inside there will be us, the journey, the meetings. All.

Thanks to Pamela Garberini of the project “Il Dito e la Luna””, the videomaker who is working on everything, with us, in this first year. A new traveling friend.
Enjoy it.