Mediterranea Project: this Manifesto was released by the scientific, cultural, nautical expedition sailing across the Mediterranean on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.

14287171948 11b48c2ed8 bThe semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Union starts today and Simone Perotti, captain of the scientific, cultural and nautical expedition Mediterranea Project, presents the Mediterranean Manifesto, a range of proposals to think about, ponder, discuss and work.

“This is a great opportunity – Perotti says – It is an opportunity even for those who do not believe in politics and institutions any longer. But any step forward, any opportunity can turn out to be useful”.

Some opportunities only come once, we shall size them.


 “There is a huge work to do, it belongs to our culture, which was great any time it led our people to make brave efforts to change route, and thanks to our people’s talents and visions created works and meanings of great significance for us and the rest of the world. Every time we conformed to others we lost our identity, strength and meaningfulness of being together, and that prevented our contribution to the common good”.

Herby the items of Mediterranean Manifesto, published by Ansa Med in a take titled
“Mediterranea: ‘Manifesto’ for EU Italian presidency”.

For more information, read the Mediterranea Project press release.