Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. When sailing we look around, because at sea you need to keep your eyes skinned, and we want to understand the world around us. When we enter a bay we look for the safest place, rather than the nicest one, and we keep as far as possible from other boats. Aboard we sort waste, even when we do not know where to throw it as in Greece waste sorting is not that popular. We do it for ourselves, to throw compost into the sea, to make room, to keep ourselves organized, not to lose the thread of things.

1Aboard Mediterranea Mediterranea we do this way. We have never connected to electricity network on land, and we will never do. We are self-sustaining, sun and wind give us more energy than we actually need. When the breeze is fair we switch the engine off and hoist our sails, because we do not like noise, whereas we love wind whispering on sails.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We wash ourselves with seawater, and seldom rinse quickly with fresh water, we use seawater to cook and wash the dishes, we use green detergents for our clothes. It takes weeks for us to use up fresh water, because it is valuable, and because the cleaning we need is subject also to our behaviour.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We talk to each other, we try to tell things that leave a mark on people’s hearts, that make people have fun, smile, learn, think. Thoughts and words needs to be always direct, meaningful, otherwise here on Mediterranea we rather keep shut or dance.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We fish and eat all we fish, we cook good meals, with care, and we cook all together, drinking wine and listening to music. It makes us feel good, better than it would be otherwise.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We travel slowly, we avoid crowded places, and we still wonder at beautiful landscapes, because whoever loses wonder has lost the ability to get out of oneself, and remains closed in one’s own labyrinth.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We fix anything, we recycle everything, we are autonomous as far as our nautical, mechanical, electrical, manual knowledge enable us. We work continuously, taking the time it needs, and any solution we find makes us feel proud, more than any book published or job advancement.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We experience that order, organization, cooperation are best practices to enhance individual knowledge, personality, ideas, because we are fed up with those miserable worlds where man and woman are mere exact numbers.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We sail across seas that treasure charm, nature, history, culture, and we try to remember, learn, understand, and we believe that there is no better way to do that than living in the Mediterranean sea, the one that surrounds us, that we often forget to be such an heritage.

2Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We collect a little money that do for everything, we do advantageous economies of scale, we take all decisions together, but we give money a mere instrumental value. Aboard Mediterranea what is important for our wellbeing has nothing to do with money.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. When we enter a bay everyone wears Mediterranea t-shirts, because we are a crew, we arrange protest banners because we believe in our ideas, we convey an emergency, because we want to make our voice heard and make ourselves useful.

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We meet writers, we read stories, we sample plankton, we help research, we try hard, because for too long our extraordinary intelligence had served the wrong job, and really everyone would like to try hard for something meaningful.


For those reasons aboard Mediterranea we do this way. We try to have a better life, we try the way of feelings, we put our passion for the sea into life. And aboard Mediterranea, for what life gives us, pains, oddities, we feel good.