Here there are the first scientific data from Mediterranea expedition.
The British researchers of SAHFOS, who are carrying out together with Mediterranea Project the campaign of sampling and analysis of plankton “Monitoring plankton and biodiversity in the Mediterranean sea“, begun to provide the first results. In large parts of the Mediterranean sea, the Italian boat will be the first to carry out the sampling, whose results will feed the important British database.


In the video, the story of the researchers working aboard the boat along the route from the Apulian coast to the Ionian Islands, in early June.

The preliminary analysis of plankton samples collected aboard Mediterranea by SAHFOS researchers, headed by Dr. Priscilla Licandro, identified a long list of planktonic species of animals and plants.

Ansa Med covered the news by posting a take titled: Mediterranea: primi risultati da campagna analisi plancton”

To have more information, read the Bulletin on Mediterranean plankton.