Today, at 13.00 Athens time zone (12.00 in Italy), the sailing boat Mediterranea occupied, during a symbolic and peaceful demonstration, the Greek island of Elafonissos, by showing a banner reading: ”This Island Is Ours”. With this action Progetto Mediterranea supports the “Protect the Greek coastline“, campaign  which boycotts pay beaches and safeguards the sea as a common heritage.


Mediterranea a Elafonissos 02

Mediterranea Project in Elafonissos: “This island is ours”

Mediterranea Project expedition goes on. The crew, who will sail for 5 years through the Mediterranean sea, the Black sea and the Red sea, developing a rich cultural and scientific program and spreading a message of peace and respect for the environment, after the symbolic occupation of the Greek island of Meganissi, bought by Rothschild as a property speculation, occupied today, symbolically and peacefully, the beach of Elafonissos, object in these days of a violent popular protest to the news of his possible sale.





Elafonissos appears in the list of the islands which will be privatized by the Hellenic Authority for the exploitation of the state properties (TAIPED). The 175 hectares of the beaches of Simos and Sarakiniko will be offered for sale, although the area is under the protection of the European Program “Natura 2000” (source: ANSA).

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