Mediterranea Project recently denounced the abuse and injustice of property speculation to the damage of the sea and its people by peacefully occupying Meganisi island.
Mediterranea Project supports the “Protect the Greek coastline” campaign and promotes the struggle of environmentalists, sea lovers, and in general everyone concerned about democracy and citizens’ rights against a national law which allows the privatisation of Greek coastline and property building close to the sea.

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Also Mediterranea crew supports the "Protect the Greek coastline" campaign

Maria Peteinaki, architect, co-spokeperson of the green environmentalist party in Greece, founder of Alternative Tours Athens, participating in Falafel Network and promoting the movement of urban agriculture, is asking for help and support to spread the Greek appeal.
Mediterranea welcomes Maria Peteinaki’s invitation by spreading an appeal to participate in and promote, which boycotts pay beaches, and safeguard the sea as a common heritage by stressing its conviction: the sea is not on sale. Coastline and beaches of the Mediterranean sea shall remain untouched!







Please sign and spread the petition against the sale of Greek coastline.

Do you like Greek beaches? You can help to protect them.
Just before the elections, the current government, decided to change the law regarding the waterside.
The current law protects the waterside, stating that it is a right for all citizens to enjoy the sea and therefore it is illegal for somebody to close the access to the beach, and also to build close to the sea. Furthermore it states the importance of natural and cultural heritage as something to be protected.
The new law in a nutshell, completely foresees the above, putting profit above everything else. It will be allowed for anybody who owns something on the shore to also own the beach and close it to general public, put a ticket, oblige the rental of sun beds and umbrellas. Furthermore, ignoring any environmental protection, polders will be allowed in the sea. All the illegal constructions close to the sea will be legalized easily.
All this is done in order to be able to sell 90 beaches to begin with, and to intensify the massive touristic exploitation of the country in the examples of Spain or Italy. All this goes against any policy for sustainable development and ignores totally climate change and the sea rise.

So we need your help!!
What you can do:

  • Let’s get viral! Take a selfie stating “Protect the Greek coastline” and put #aigialosSOS and #SaveGreekCoast. Use also Mediterranea project channels: @progettomediterranea on facebook and @medexp on twitter.

  • Don’t support paying beaches, prefer free ones on your holiday.

  • Sign the on-line petition.

Spread the message. Thank you for your support!