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Giovanni Coppini – CMCC speaks about the project during a meeting in Otranto

Project works with CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) and its partners LINKS S.p.A. and CNR- IAMC (National Research Council – Institute for Marine and Coastal Environment) of the industrial research project TESSA (Sviluppo di TEcnologie per la Situational Sea Awareness), in order to use and validate forecast data and services which were developed by the project itself, as for “SeaConditions” weather and sea forecast service and a system to detect the safest route.





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In a take by Ansa Med titled Mediterranea: si sperimenta sistema previsione meteo-mareall the information on this project and on the cooperation initiatives with the scientific world onboard of Mediterranea.
For more information, read Mediterranea Project press release and see the page dedicated to Scientific projects.