Summary of flavors between Italy and the Mediterranean sea

Mediterranea, during its long journey along the Mediterranean coasts, captures the best opportunities to meet, participate in several events, as protagonist or as guest of honor, relaunches messages, adheres to all the most important initiatives organized to give value to sea people, Mediterranean citizens.

Also Mediterranean cuisine is an important part of the culture and traditions of this great sea.
The Mediterranean is a mix, matching, convergence, measure. As gastronomy, food, flavors are. And if the best horizon for the Mediterranean sea is to exploit this matching, to become a single perfect body, in which the whole recipe is richer and better than the single ingredient, then the present and future history of the Mediterranean seems to be the story of a complex recipe, almost a challenge, with an extraordinary result.

To mark the start of the expedition the Michelin-starred chef Moreno Cedroni dedicated to Mediterranea Project an exclusive sea recipe, a summary of colors and flavors between Italy and the Mediterranean sea.salutare l’avvio della spedizione.

“I met Moreno morenoCedroni on a sailboat very similar to the Mediterranea, which was about to sail from Madeira to New York a few years ago – says Simone Perotti, one of the founders of the sailing, scientific and cultural expedition and Rais of Mediterranea – In the kitchen of that ketch I saw him focusing on the ‘point of salt’ of a dish as a great musician seeks harmony of his imaginary orchestra. I could not involve him in our expedition. Our idea of creating a collection of recipes, one for each country we’ll visit, to compose a synthetic and somehow definitive painting of the relationship between people, flavors, taste and gastronomy, immediately fascinated him. Here is what he chose for Italy. A simple gastronomic, one-sided, short and artistic vision.
Thanks Moreno, we’ll bring also the taste and excellence of your cooking on board with us”.



Here you can watch Moreno Cedroni video-recipe: the octopus salad