Inside Italy: «Wind in your sails, Mediterranea!»

gsoleraGianluca Solera, author of “Riscatto Mediterraneo” (Mediterranean redemption), published by Nuova Dimensione, started the literary meetings organized by Mediterranea Project.




Last May, 16th, on the eve of the expedition departure, the writer was the first guest of Mediterranea team, during a meeting aboard the boat in the port of San Benedetto del Tronto. Solera gave his own account of the stories and high ideals of the movements of the Mediterranean squares, from Tahrir to Sintagma, talking with the crew.

Maybe it’s premature, but also in the cabin of a boat great ideas helping us shape the future we want could arise. A Constituent Assembly of the Mediterranean sea is a crazy idea, I know, I admit, but also to sail around the Mediterranean for five years is crazy, and a boat left the mainland to do this” wrote the author in his blog dedicated to “Mediterranean sea, Politics and International Culture”.

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Thanks to Gianluca for his wonderful post and… Wind in your sails, Mediterranea!