A day full of events for Mediterranea Project, in its Apulian stay in Otranto.

lecce20193This morning at Palazzo Carafa, during a press conference organized by the Navy League section of Lecce, the Mediterranea team presented the objectives of the expedition, attending the Major of Lecce Paolo Perrone.
The boat will raise a flag showing the logo of the candidacy of the city of Lecce as European Capital of Culture 2019. A “message” that will bring Lecce through the places Mediterranea will visit during its journey.

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Plastic Busters researchers working aboard Mediterranea

A moment dedicated to science is the afternoon meeting aboard of Mediterranea in the Port of Otranto, where Mediterranea crew, hosted by the Navy league, will discuss about its scientific projects with the oceanographer Nadia Pinardi, CMCC, the researcher Priscilla Licandro of the British Sahfos foundation, Plastic Busters researchers and Professor Ferdinando Boero (Unisalento ISMAR-CNR), together with a number of researchers and coordinators of marine reserves.

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For more information, read the press release and see the events calendar.