Mediterranea Project: today at 11.00 the expedition set sails. Course to Pescara with arrival at 17.20. Yesterday the first cultural event on board with Gianluca Solera. Tonight at the Yacht Club the first travel tales.


Perfectly on time on the sailing schedule, this morning the boat Mediterranea set sails from the port of San Benedetto del Tronto heading to Pescara, the first stop of a 5-year journey throughout 29 countries of the Mediterranean basin, with cultural, scientific and sailing objectives.

In San Benedetto del Tronto Sergio Lo Presti, the Commander of the local Corps of Harbour Masters, and a patrol boat of the Coast Guard, that escorted Mediterranea for a few miles, saw the expedition off together with a number of television crews, followers and great enthusiasm.

After about 35 miles, the boat and its crew were received in Pescara by the Yacht Club where tonight at 19.30, in its premises in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, a meeting is scheduled to listen to the first travel impressions and the future plans of the protagonists.

Last night, aboard Mediterranea, on the eve of its departure, the first cultural event of the expedition took place in the framework of a 5-year agenda filled with appointments with protagonists of the cultural scene of the Mediterranean basin. Gianluca Solera, the author of “Riscatto Mediterraneo”, Mediterranean redemption, published by Nuova Dimensione, gave his own account of the stories and high ideals of the movements of the Mediterranean squares from Tahrir to Sintagma. “Tales of authenticity”, the author said, “that shall inspire the young people of Europe, still sleeping sometimes. Tales of brotherhood and desire for freedom”.
According to a spokesman of the Mediterranea crew, “meeting Gianluca Solera on board was like experiencing at first hand the real aim of our expedition: to know, to communicate, to understand. Mediterranea will give voice to the ideas and protagonists of such a rich and valuable cultural basin”.

Video and abstracts of the event will be published on the website together with pictures, stories and the event calendar.

Tomorrow at 11.00 Mediterranea is sailing from Pescara Yacht Club with course to Tremiti islands.