Bari, TG Norba 24 Interview

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    Mediterranea Project crew met Nicolò Carnimeo, author of "Come è profondo il mare" (published by Chiarelettere) in Bari. TG Norba 24 interviewed Simone Perotti, creator and one of the Rais of Mediterranea, who talked about the  scientific projects of the expedition. Watch the [...]

Mediterranean Citizenship in Trani

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"In Trani in 1603 the Consuls elect of the Guild of Navigators, a newly established corporation governing shipping, piracy, maritime trade and marine service, promulgated the Ordinances and Custom of the Sea, i.e. a convention regulating life throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, for the first [...]

Mediterranea Expedition set sails

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Mediterranea Project: today at 11.00 the expedition set sails. Course to Pescara with arrival at 17.20. Yesterday the first cultural event on board with Gianluca Solera. Tonight at the Yacht Club the first travel tales. Perfectly on time on the sailing schedule, this morning the [...]

Events Calendar

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Friday, May 16th 2014, h. 20.30 – Port of San Benedetto del Tronto, Pier M, onboard of MediterraneaPRIVATE meeting with the writer Gianluca Solera, author of "Mediterranean Redemption. Voices and places of dignity and strength" Thursday, May 15th 2014, h 10.30 – Port of San [...]