Varo 1

You know those moments when you say: “Help!”? It’s when you feel like you might not make it, that it could all come to nothing. It all happened one afternoon and one night in San Benedetto del Tronto, there were two of us, the wind was howling like never before, or so the old fishermen said, and the Mediterranea was bouncing like an old cork in the gale, in the violent gusts like blows dealt to sink her, to cause harm.

In films they usually cut to months later, just like that, without further ado: the sun is shining, it is the approach of spring, and there is a spotless boat – which at the first glance seems to be new – being launched amidst the quiet bustle of the dockyard. She touches the water, the keel goes under, the hull plunges in. There she is, back to where she belongs, where a living boat needs to be, in the water, the salty water, hull under the waterline, topside above, as it should be, and what’s more, ready to sail. There you go, that’s the way it is, that’s where we are, that’s how it went…

These photographs come at the conclusion of a journey which started with a squall, continued with a gale and technical problems to be resolved, hypothetical projects, many people, many discussions, long hours of hard work, and finally, today, a sigh of relief. A sigh we have to share with the Angels of the Mediterranea, who will be remembered forevermore as those who came to our rescue, whose names we read again, every now and then, linking them to faces and remembering words that were spoken.

That is to say, with you who have helped us with 5 Euros, with something more, with warmth and generosity. I remember that in those days we wrote to each other in disbelief: “Did you see? They are helping us! How wonderful! How nice of them!” We are no longer used to solidarity, or at least that’s what we used to say. So thank you! to everybody, to those who have helped us and to those who told us “we’re behind you, we’ll come to work on the boat if you need us to”. And thank you also to all those of you who only read or followed us, and who perhaps for a moment shared the hope with us that a boat, an idea, a dream could really make it, could indeed set sail.

Well, here we are. The “Mediterranea” has made it. And this will bring you luck. Best can be. Ciao!