Mashrou’ Leila comes from Beirut, they’re 25, they sing the love and politics and with the slogan ‪#‎occupyarabpop‬, they are changing the face of music in the Middle East, becoming the soundtrack of the Arab revolutions. In their tracks there’s everything, revolution and hope, love and social control, desire and pain. 
With over 170 thousands fans on Facebook and always sold-out concerts, Mashrou’ Leila is the most popular indie-rock band of the Middle East. They represent the new Arab youth, who do not recognize in the Islamists, nor with the dictators nor with the Generals. A transversal movement running form Lebanon to Morocco, through Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and even Israel.

Led by the frontman and co-founder Hamed Sinno, the band has released 3 studio albums, Mashrou’Leila (2008), El hal Romancy (2009), an EP and RaasüK (2013), which contains the beautiful Bahr (Sea) here we publish.


يا ليل إحجبني، حجبني بعتمتك
يا ليل إملئني، قويني بعتمتك
أخوى شاف السر، شاف السر، كان حيبوح
أخوى جوا الموج، جوا الموج عمبينوح

والصيادين نائمين

يا بحر رجلي، رجعلي أخوى
الموج سرقلى، سرقلى أخوى
إخذته حد البحر، خلى المياه تطهره
إخذته حد البحر، دبغت الموج بدمه

والصيادين غافلين، خامدين، نائمين

أخوى مع الحورية، رجعوه لى
الموج أخدلى أخوى، رجعوه لى

أخوى راح مع الفجر، رجعوه لى
أخوى بقعر البحر، لسا ما عاد لى


Oh night cover me, cover me with your darkness
Oh night fill me, strengthen me with your darkness
My brother saw the secret, he saw the secret, he was going to reveal it
My brother is inside the wave, inside the wave he laments

And the fishermen are sleeping

Oh sea return to me, return to me my brother
The wave stole from me, stole from me my brother
I took him to the edge of the sea, let the water cleanse him
I took him to the edge of the sea, the wave darkened with his blood

And the fishermen are oblivious, unmoving, sleeping

My brother is with the mermaid, return him to me
The wave took my brother from me, return him to me

My brother went with the dawn, return him to me
My brother is at the bottom of the sea, he still hasn’t returned to me