Mashrou’ Leila. The sound of Arab Spring

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Mashrou’ Leila comes from Beirut, they’re 25, they sing the love and politics and with the slogan ‪#‎occupyarabpop‬, they are changing the face of music in the Middle East, becoming the soundtrack of the Arab revolutions. In their tracks there’s everything, revolution and hope, love and [...]


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Here is Mediterranea, Vis 43° 4,271 N – 16° 14,545 E, August 19, 2013, at anchor, Stoncica lighthouse illuminates the stretch of water ahead of us, the moon lights up the sky, the hours pass, on board we talk, the moon disappears on the horizon, [...]

Zadar’s caronte

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  from Simone Perotti’s blog (august 31, 2013) I don’t know his face and even his name. I followed him already on arrival, passing over the head of the pier of the port. Then I look for him this morning, there he was, still, slow [...]