07 canadairFire is one of the most insidious threats to our forests.

The distraction, or worse, vandalism and criminal act, every year incinerate thousands and thousands of acres covered with lush green trees.

But the real enemy of the forest is not the fire but the man who set on fire.

Every 200 fires, 199 are caused by a man, every 4 is caused voluntarily, 1 every 3 is caused by the underestimation of the dangers of one who kindled a fire to clear vegetation from the dry land or to destroy the leavings of pruning.

And here comes … the Canadair

It is an amphibious aircraft designed for combat the fire.

When flying low passes is able to fill the tanks in about 410 m.. It is able to remain airborne for three hours unhooking 9 loads of water and flocking from a source that is also 10 Km. It can suck water his load in just 12 seconds.

In Croatia there are 6 copies, 12 in France, 8 in Greece, 19 in Italy, 4 in Spain. According to data provided by the manufacturer so there are 49 aircraft operating in the entire Mediterranean area.

Mediterranea has witnessed up close, very close, to the operation of fire extinguishing by 2 croatian Canadair on August 18, 2013 3:30 pm in Vis 43° 4.498 N – 16° 12.794 E

A special thanks to those who work for the preservation of our territory even risking his own life.