General call : help Mediterranea
Mediterranea has escaped a tragedy. A storm tore it from the mooring of San Benedetto del Tronto Harbour and it took the work of seafarers and some of us, that we ran to save the boat.
Mediterranea is not sunk, as other boats round, but reported damage.

The Mediterranea project can be compromised.

If you are our friend, if you love the sea, if you ‘re following us, if you came on board with us at least once, if you were going to do it, or if you care about our cultural and scientific project and you just want to activate HELP US.
Even with a small donation.
The names of those who donate will be made imperishable memory here on the official website of the expedition.

Here are the details for the donation :

account with “Banca Popolare Etica” – viale Masini 24-c, Bologna –

payable to:

SPRAY SRL – IBAN: IT20O0501802400000000165303

                        BIC: CCRTIT2T84A

Reason: ” liberal provision for damages “

IMPORTANT : write THIS REASON, reported in the previous line, because otherwise the donation is subject to taxes.

Thank you all for your support. We hope to save the project and to see Mediterranea navigate again soon, like this:


DSC 1124