06 il mulino di kastosKastos is a low-lying, long and narrow, little island covered of olive trees. They are tall with thick trunks and giant roots which indicate that they must be several hundred years old.

Boats sailing over the Ionian Sea moor safely each day.

It has only fifty permanent residents, which rises to 500 in the summer when friends and relatives gather here.
It has many low hills, the tallest of which is no higher than 150 metres.

There are only a few roads on the island, and it is for this reason that there are no cars.

The distances are very short and the people move around on foot and, of course, by boat.

Every resident of the island has his own boat or small speedboat.

The island’s pathways provide for pleasurable walks and are generally quite accessible and straight.

The view from the pathway along the ridge which goes towards the north is exceptional. In addition, the small road which was recently built provides for a delightful stroll through the verdant landscape, which exudes a sense of peace and calm.

The island has fanatical supporters who come here each summer to pass a few carefree and peaceful days in an atmosphere that is different and in an environment that is still clean and unpolluted, as though it were located on the edge of the world.

Mediterranea passed through here several times mooring in the bay outside the small marina.

June 2, 2013 at 19:50, 38° 34,098 N – 20° 54,782 E

This is the view that you can admire climbing on one of the hills of Kastos.

The sun setting behind you can not see but it lights up, like a picture of a film, one of the mills that marks the entrance into the harbor bay.

This is a sunset that there isn’t… but you can imagine it.