In 1941 the German Navy had built one of the main secret station for submarines among those found along the coast of the ex Yugoslavia. In 1943 did get two U-boats.

The station is located inside two natural caverns along the Krka river between his estuary and the Bay of Sibenik in so-called Šibenik channel.

The U -Boat came out of the store in immersion, after hitting in the open sea, go back and stay hidden until the stop of search operations and then repeat another foray.

They produce serious losses to allied fleet and for a year it was not possible to discover them despite the superior technology of research facilities of the English Navy and Air Force.

In 1944, when the war came to the end and German troops were forced to leave Yugoslavia, the two U -Boat ran out of ammunition and their crew without food. So it was that one night they went out into the sea for the last time to founder their submarines and the sailors surrender to the army of Titus.

Access to the bay from the sea has been prohibited until 1995.

Today all boats entering the bay of Sibenik sail a few meters from the entrance of the two caves that often go unnoticed because of the disguises made of vegetation, rock materials and iron fences. (source: M. Maioli)

Mediterranea has crossed the channel on August 27 at 17:45. To us the former shelters have not gone unnoticed.