The dolphins were the object of worship for the ancient Mediterranean civilizations whose mythology is an important part of our cultural heritage

According to legend, friendship between dolphins and humans had been sealed by union.of Poseidon, king of the sea, with Melantho, daughter of Deucalion, to whom the god had appeared as a dolphin. For this reason the son was named Delphi, which give its name to the city of Delphi.

Even Apollo, Demetrius and Aphrodite were long identified with these mammals. The goddess Delfina instead announcing the good weather.



Aquatic animal, mammal, lord of the seas, friend, fond of children, sensitive to music, accomplice of fishermen and sailors companion to whom promises calm waters and safe routes.

And it is a day of calm, 28th of august at 4.20 pm, sailing with a light mistral, Mediterranea spotted these beautiful dolphins in the south of Otok Murter (43° 46,492 N – 15° 39.685 E) in Croatia.

Dolphins, dancers and acrobats of the sea, can make flips and somersaults in the air, sometimes emerge completely, beating the surface of the water with pectoral fins, head or tail, often swim in front of the bow of the boat because using the pressure wave created by the bow itself, are pushed just like the wind with a sail and advance faster by doing less effort.