A scientific floating laboratory. An expedition for the conservation of our marine ecosystem.

524527 4215485393141 1373481433 nThe Mediterranean hosts an environment with an incredible biological diversity (8% of the world’s flora mondiale, 8% of the global marine biodiversity, 28% of endemic species), yet constantly threatened by men, polluted and overexploited. The soil consumption, the loss of habitats, the desertification, the overfishing and pollution in its many forms, are all factors that could trigger direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity, amplified, in turm, by climate change.

The Mediterranea Project will raise public attention on these aspects. We firmly believe that the biodiversity, a clean sea and an intact ecosystem are fundamental to human well-being, quality of life and the future of our earth.

We want to actively contribute to the protection, conservation and enhancement of this extraordinary heritage, so:

  • We will provide our boat (a 60-foot ketch) for Science and researchers. Mediterranea will be a floating lab and an operating arm to study the sea, the climate change, the water and air pollution, the marine biology, the currents and everything useful to preserve the ecological integrity of our Sea. 
  • We will use the “speaking platform” and the intense communication activities guaranteed by our expedition to raise awareness and stimulate public opinion, on the critical issues concerning the protection of marine ecosystem, the sustainability of the economic exploitation of the sea, the need to reduce pollution caused by fishing, tourism, maritime transport, energy production, coastal industrialization and urbanization.

In the pursuit of our aims, the world of Research and University is a natural and privileged partner. With scientists and concerned departments we will establish partnership’s agreements for studies, reports, projects, organization of workshops and events, in orde to support the research and disclosure related to environmental and marine issues.

If you want to become a partner of Mediterranea Project and support our campaign for the Sea, contact us!