20130802-lineablu  Video Rai


Lineablu, the RAI 1 TV program telling sea stories from the most suggestive mediterranean coasts, dedicated a nice TV service to Mediterranea Project.

Here you find the interview to Simone Perotti broadcasted on August, 31th.

Read here the interview translation in english.



Surfing and write


Fabio Gallo: You may wonder: where is the sea? Just a moment, I want to introduce you to someone .


Simone Perotti : Hey, hello! come on!


FG : Hello Simone, how are you? I read “welcome to board” and you’re without shoes. It ‘s like a boat … without shoes. Then I climb on board.


SP : Of course ! Come on!


FG : Simone, you’ve left the city to live on a boat. Here, we are on the mainland, but the atmosphere is that of a boat.


SP: Yes, these are the houses of the Mediterranean. The colours are those of Greece, sea, Italy, the Mediterranean sea. I tried to be as close as possible to what we love: the Mediterranean.


FG: And these paintings? These small sculptures that I see, have you found around the Mediterranean Sea?


SP: They are made with objects found in the sea and in the Ligurian hinterland, in a sort of artistic circle among those who worked on the mainland and those who sailed on the sea. Each piece of wood that we find in the sea… where it come from? … maybe comes from Port Said or who knows … it has a charm all its own.


FG: And you’re fascinated by this mystery? So these sculptures… have you made these?


SP: It ‘s a mystery that fascinates me. I make these sculptures, because I see the stories behind them. For a writer, a story has a great value.


FG: I’m reading on that wall “We set sail from all the ports of the world, to never come back.”


SP: It is a phrase born in a lonely day. Here it was raining and I thought, as always happens, to the sea, the departures, the boats that sail to destinations unknown …


FG: Are you more sailor or writer?


SP: I’m writer and then sailor, too. But it is very difficult to separate the two things, because the sea and the writing are two pieces of my imagination.


FG: Well, this is your nest . But now I want to see where you are most comfortable: on the sea. So climb on board and talk about “Progetto Mediterranea”!


FG: Simone, finally you feel at home now!


SP: Yes, the boat is as like the home of all the sailors. There is a breeze, we’re on a boat..  in front of us we have the horizon… you do not even see an island. We may leave now. Fantastic!


FG: So you’re inviting me to be part of your crew ?


SP: Of course, you are welcome on board our “Mediterranea”, like many others who will want to join us in our journey. Someone will do it by following us on website www.progettomediterranea.com or on social networks. Someone will come on board, maybe even for a long time…who knows? On the sea, you meet so many people.


FG: What exactly is this project? Let us remember: on 2009 you released your book “Adesso Basta! (Now Enough!)” and now you are preparing the Mediterranean Project . We can say that this is a sequel?


SP: No, but it is the natural story. Everything comes from the choice to say “NO!” to a system that does not work… a system where the money is a lie… the money is like a Siren, who is beautiful to look at, but it is terrible to be trapped in her coils. Now, during all the time that I finally found, I can navigate and finally give space to this great project: sailing for 5 years on the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Northern Red Sea, trying to accomplish 3 goals: nautical -because we want to promote the nautical culture, rediscover and make a great trip; cultural -meeting with writers, artists, journalists, economists and all those who may have good ideas to help us to go out of this situation of degradation and of great decadence of our age. But their ideas we have to go looking for them. And then there’s the third objective, the scientific one -we provide our boat and our expedition to Research Institutes, Universities, experimentation… to understand what is the state of the sea, making monitoring of plancton, test the paint non-polluting antifouling… In short, all that is needed to save the Mediterranean Sea.


FG: We are seeing the images of the boat “Mediterranea” and the project.


SP: Now we are sailing between Greece, Albania and Croatia and then depart on Spring 2014, sailing for the next 5 years.


FG: Thank you, Simone! Fair winds to you!


SP: Thank you! We’ll tell you the story along the way. We are waiting for you on board!