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It is good to know that we are not alone. If it is dark here someone can light a lighter in distance to give us hope. You now hold that lighter.

In contatto con alcuni intellettuali e scrittori turchi, abbiamo chiesto informazioni sulla situazione in Turchia, soprattutto nel sud est del Paese. Le informazioni che ci arrivano sono drammatiche. Tanks che spianano villaggi forse, molti morti, tra cui molti civili. Una delle peggiori guerre civili della storia turca.

Non possiamo verificare queste informazioni, naturalmente. Dunque le prendiamo per quello che sono, provenendo da fonti molto autorevoli, che conosciamo personalmente. Non possiamo mettere i loro nomi in chiaro. Ci hanno chiesto di non farlo.

Ecco qualche frammento dalle loro lettere:

(…) Now it is another experience of oppression and intoleranceThe government do not let anyone express their opinion against ruling politics. In the southeast there has been going on a great violence. Government forces are destroying cities by tanks and cannons targeting civilians. Kurdish militias are resisting. This is the worst moment of kurdish issue in the last thirty years.

A group of academics (“Academics for Peace”) issued a press statement signed by 1128 academics calling for government to stop violence against kurdish people and start peace talk with kurdish party (government held peace talk with kurdish forces for some years, but suddenly stopped it last year.) The only solution could be a peaceful way out of this dead-end road. Now a massive intimidation begins.

About twenty academics, mostly professors, got arrestedWe, writers, got involved. We declared a statement, initially signed by 770 writers, saying that we support those academics who are calling for peace. Following our statement ministry of education sent an order to all schools in Istanbul, saying that no school should have any event with those writers who signed the statement against government.

Publishers came after us, they issued a statement of peace and support for academics. Then movie-people made the same statement. And others… We use similar name for ourselves: “Academics for Peace” “Writers for Peace” and so on… (…) 

(…) Our country is covered by a dark and massive cloud. People are scared. And some people still resist for the sake of our future and for a better world. That’s all.  As long as we survive we will be in touch. (…) 

(…) I don’t know what I can say… The situation is so sad, so dark, so hopeless. And the most important thing is that we have not enough information what it really happens in East of Turkey. There is a kind of civil war unfortunately. We hear some very very sad news, we see horrible horrible pictures, we feel something is going on worst and worst and worst… 

Civilians, kids, babies, women are dying, young soldiers are dying as well. The government does nothing to stop this dirty war. I can do nothing except to sign some manifests… That’s all. As a writer I supported all members of academic in Turkey and I signed an announcement which almost all writers signed. I want to do more things for piece… Therefore I feel straitened and I can’t move. (…) 

(…) I saw military coup d’etat times, my youth was ended in a dark country atmosphere, but I’ve never felt so hopeless so sad like today… I think we have to be more strong, more close each other and we should hope. So… Thank you for your interest. (…)