Among the objectives of Mediterranea Project there’s the scientific one.

We work directly and cooperate with third parties for the defense of the sea and the marine environment of the Mediterranean. Our boat is available to the scientists, researchers and students working in the public and private institutions, universities and laboratories with a central focus on the environment, the sea, the air, fishes, ecc… Mediterranea aims to be a “floating laboratory” at the disposal of the science.


Here there are our partners and the first scientific research project we cooperate in:



“Astrophysics aboard Mediterranea” – an introduction project on Astrophysics, sponsored and funded by INAF – National Institute of Astrophysics, with Progetto Mediterranea and UNIMED – Union of Mediterranean Universities. This training initiative is aimed at undergraduate students in Physics and Astrophysics.

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SAHFOS, Home of the Continuous Plankton Recorder

“Monitoring plankton and biodiversity in the Mediterranean sea” project – Mediterranea together with SAHFOS will conduct a research to monitor the plankton biodiversity along the route of the project.
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Watch the movie “The power of plankton“.

Read the Bulletin of Mediterranean Plankton”.



natusfera banner 3

Natusfera – Progetto Mediterranea cooperates to the dissemination of Natusfera, a naturalistic app for the collection of scientific data on biodiversity. The development of the application is financed by a number of partners including ICM-CSIC of Barcelona; we will meet ICM researchers onboard Mediterranea. Give your contributions and become a citizen for Science! Natusfera app can be downloaded for free both for Android and iOS. Know more the project Natusfera, click HERE


Master COMEloghiinsiemeT FISPMEDDietamed

“Mediterranea, Mensa Nostra” Program – “Oily Cultures – Scientific and Gastronomic Adventures in the Countries of Olive Oil” project – Mediterranea Project aims to assess, tell and favor the enhancement of the heritage represented by the Mediterranea food culture. The “Mediterranea, Mensa Nostra” Program, realized in collaboration with Fispmed and Dietamed will carry on also the project “Oily Cultures – scientific and gastronomic adventures in the countries of Olive Oil”, a format designed in collaboration with Master COMET – University of Parma, aiming to discover the gastronomic culture of the countries of Olive and Olive oil.
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UNISALENTOUniversity of Salento

“Jelly Watch” Project, the Citizens Science – Mediterranea project partecipates in the campaign launched by jellirisk Ferdinando Boero – University of Salento and CNR-ISMAR, in cooperation with Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare (CONISMA).
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University of SienaSustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN)

“Plastic Busters” Project – Mediterranea will be available for the Plastic Buster researchers to take samples in strategic Mediterranean hot-spots along its route and  to promote actions that can raise public awareness on the floating marine litter subject.
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Read the press review about “Plastic Busters” working in Apulian seas.
   Watch the video showing the researchers working aboard Mediterranea.




CMCC totCMCC – TESSA Project

Sea forecast by SeaConditions serving Mediterranea – Mediterranea project works with the partners LINKS S.p.a., CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) and CNR-IAMC (National Research Council – Institute for Marine and Coastal Environment) of the industrial research project TESSA, in order to use and validate “SeaConditions” weather and sea forecast service.
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